متن ترانه گل سر سبد از محمد منصوری متن ترانه گل سر سبد از محمد منصوری

متن ترانه گل سر سبد از محمد منصوری

Yo homes
Gimme some skin
What’s shaking
Ah . . . yeah
Take a rest
And lemme do the rest
For us to ace a test
We need to best the best
So true from east to west
You know,
The end doesnt justify the means,
Which means,
My parents both over eighty years old told
“Take advantage of what life truly offers
Even at times when your heart truly suffers
Keep your heart and mind strong through the day
For every single success there’s a price to pay
Committing a felony for all you desire,
Never brings you what you want or get you higher,
Let alone bring you fortune you admire,
Much less make you like a ball of fire,
When the time comes,
All your questions will be answered . . . dont you worry
You will get what you deserve . . . dont you worry
Those who wreak mayhem on us,
Will totally perish at once . . . dont you worry
I’m telling you,
Better days shall soon arrive . . . and that’s for sure
God’s delays are not God’s denials . . . and that’s for sure
Make hay while the sun shines . . . and that’s for sure
Strike while the iron is hot . . . and that’s for sure
Hold on a sec!
Political circles are but cloak-and-dagger
Seemingly they clown around with stone and hammer
Yet, some know all about the secrecy and plot
Eventually they come this close to what they’ve got
It is all a matter of choice how you live,
To live a life of freedom based on what you believe
Don’t you ever fall for cock-and-bull story
All a bunch of noise that make you worry
Everybody’s in quest of cold, hard cash
And that’s why the economy faces a crash
I want you to collect your thoughts my home
There is always opportunity under the dome
Take the juice of life and live through and through
Let the world show the beauty through to you